Which Radnor Oak Floor?

Which oak flooring is best?

Need a little help choosing which oak floor is best for you?

Engineered Oak Floorboards

Engineered oak flooring (sometimes referred to as Multi-Ply oak flooring) is made up of multiple layers of timber to create an extremely stable floor. The top layer (called a Lamella or wear layer) is solid oak and can be sanded and refinished many times if required. Its appearance is identical to solid oak flooring once installed. Due it’s excellent stability, it is suitable for most domestic applications, and can be also be installed over many underfloor heating systems.

It is available in a huge variety of widths, thicknesses and finishes, plus a few unfinished options. It is also available with textured finishes such as the black grain and dark sunken filler shown in this photo. Engineered flooring can be secret nailed, glued or floated.

Engineered oak flooring is also an excellent option for commercial applications such as offices, meeting rooms and board rooms.

Which Radnor Oak Floor?
Which Radnor Oak Floor?

Solid Oak Floorboards

Each board is machined from one solid piece of oak. It is suitable for many domestic applications, and can be sanded and refinished as many times as is needed (it’s been known to last for hundreds of years!) Our solid oak floorboards are available in standard dimensions with various finishes (the floor in this photo has a UV oil finish), or as unfinished. We can also supply bespoke solid oak flooring. We don’t recommend fitting solid flooring over underfloor heating, or in rooms with excessive fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Solid oak floorboards can be secret nailed or glued.

Engineered Oak Herringbone Flooring

As per engineered oak floorboards, oak herringbone flooring can be used in most domestic and commercial applications. It can be especially attractive in hallways or dining rooms.

Which Radnor Oak Floor?