How To Order Your Oak Floor

How to order your oak floor

Before placing your order, it’s worth taking a little time to make sure you buy the correct oak floor.

What type of floor?

Do you prefer modern engineered oak flooring, or are you a traditionalist who prefers a solid oak floorboard? Do you, perhaps prefer the historical herringbone style parquet floor? This is personal to each customer and the room into which the floor is to be fitted.


Would you like your new oak floor pre-finished, or would you prefer it supplied unfinished so that you can add the final touches yourself?

What shade?

Light, medium or dark? How much light enters the room? What will best match the decor? How would you like the room to ‘feel’ once the new floor has been fitted?

How thick & wide?

What depth is available for your new oak floor? Will narrow boards look right? Will wide boards look more in keeping?

Skirting, trims & architrave

Will you need oak skirting or are you going to paint softwood skirting? Will you need an oak door threshold?

If you need architrave or trims, our low skirting (69mm) covers a multitude of uses.


Are you going to fit an unfinished floor? Would you like us to supply OSMO hardwax oil for your floor finish? Are you going to glue or float your floor? Would you like us to supply underlay?

How much flooring do I need?

Once you have measured your floor you’ll know how many square meters you require. We would recommend that an additional 10% of the floor area is purchased to allow for boards that are rejected due to their colour or appearance, and wastage which results from the ‘cutting out’ of unwanted natural defects during installation.

Each board differs to the next – one person will love a board with particular colour and natural defects, whereas others would prefer not to include them in their floor, or perhaps to cut a section out. This natural selection process is personal to all of us. Buying a little extra helps – it’s important that you are happy with your floor once it’s laid.

How much skirting do I need?

Similar principles apply – measure the length of skirting board you require and order sufficient lengths, then add 10%.

Our skirting is machined from prime grade oak and therefore won’t include natural defects, however, you need to ensure that you have enough to allow for every wall, doorway, cupboard, nook, cranny and (dare we say it) errors in cutting!

I’m not sure

If you are uncertain about anything, please feel free to call us. While we can’t see into your home, we can certainly do our best to offer advice over the phone.

If you are employing a professional fitter, they can also call us.

You are very welcome to visit our flooring showroom. Please note that showroom visits are by appointment only.

Placing your order

Once you have selected your floor, simply work out how many packs you need to cover your floor plus approx. 10%. Now work out your skirting, architrave or trim requirements (again ensuring that you include an additional 10%). Finally, assess the accessories you require. You are now ready to place your order!

You can place your order online or by email. We can only accept orders with a value of £500 + v.a.t. (£600 total) or higher. Orders less than 30m2 incur a £50 carriage charge.